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One of my Ideas

Incivility (In the capitalist and the regime changed -new capitalist- countries)

Recently I noticed that people are unpolite with each other both on foot and on the road. Here I’m thinking about that they disregard each other. They’re impatient, they bump into people, they don’t bypass anybody. This mentality describes their whole life.

Traffic is very important to me because that is the most fundamental form of human intercourse and that they can’t take each other into account is a serious problem. Everybody thinks that this lifestyle is normal. The idea, that this is not natural, not even comes to their mind. They grew up like this.

According to me the problem is that empathy is extinct in people.

It is the most important nature of animals living in groups and humans killed this in themselves.

In my opinion the source of this is the capitalist mentality. The Media broadcasts that people are all individuals; in advertisements they try to convince you that you need the advetrised goods. That you have to have it for yourself alone. You. Alone.

We are individuals, that is true. But we are also gregarious.

About this nobody seems to care, because money is the property of an individual and he/she alone has to be convinced to buy goods.

If a lot of individuals buy the goods separately that is an awful lot of money. Despite the fact that maybe they only need one together because they do not use it often and it is completely unneccessary for each to have one. But this solution brings no money and big companies have no interest in this.

Big companies are interested in making you an individual. And the consequences are people thinking they’re the Only one.

But there are other people.

And they’re there with you on the streets.

Traffic may seem as an insignificant thing to you and I know that if you are polite nobody seems to requite it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be polite.

 Atleast you can say that you were fair and square


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I had to draw Baman Piderman too.
They are so cute!

(Also Sherlock Hound…)

I had to draw Baman Piderman too.
They are so cute!

(Also Sherlock Hound…)

I was doodling without searchinglines.
I like doing this.
This way I’m only following my instincts
-my instincts know how to do things.

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